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Premier Rad – 1.6kW Portable Heater – Cashmere White


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1600w Electric Towel Warmer
 Lot20 Compliant
Easy to install & operate – requires only a fuse spur
• Built In Timer – allowing you to dictate how long the heater stays on for (manual control)

In stock


Product description

The Premier Rad modern electric heater comes with a wireless thermostat for added control. You have complete control over how you heat your rooms with the ability to program each individual heater to follow a daily/weekly programme of your choice.

Premier Rad heaters are a modern form of electric heating that take full advantage of the benefits that can be gained from thermostatic control and Demand Side Response (DSR).

All Premier Rad heaters come equipped with a programmable wireless thermostat, adding the advantage of Demand Side Response (DSR). This form of control allows the end user to accurately control how warm and efficient a room is.

Due to the size and nature of the product(s), all Premier Rad heaters will be delivered on pallets. 10cm clearance is required on either side of the heater when installed.


Additional information


Width 53cm, Height 33cm, Depth 20cm

kW rating

1.6kW (1600w)


Premier Rad

Wireless Control?


Manufacturer Warranty

1 year

Power Method

Standard UK 13A plug, or wire in to a fuse spur.

Free Standing?




EPC Rating


RAL Colour

Cashmere White

kW Size