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Thermo Rad+ – 800w Vertical Dynamic Smart Storage Heater – Pearl White – 32cm Width, 112cm Height

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 800w Low Input Electric Heater
 Ideal Replacement for Night Storage Heaters – uses both day and night rate electricity
Wireless Thermostat Model
Easy to install & operate – requires only a plug socket or fuse spur
 Manufactured in Germany
 IPX4 rated, ideal for bathrooms

In stock


Product description

800w Dynamic Smart Storage Heater with programmable wireless thermostat

Due to the size and nature of the product(s), all Thermo Rad heaters will be delivered on pallets. 10cm clearance is required on either side of the heater when installed.

Thermo Rad heaters are available with either an electronic, built in programmable thermostat or a fully wireless programmable thermostat, allowing you to independently control the temperature in each room of your home. Manufactured in Germany, Thermo Rad heaters are of the highest quality.


– Manufactured in Germany

– 1 year warranty

– Fully controllable and programmable

– Can have either wireless or integrated thermostat technology

Thermo Rad heaters are IPX4 rated, making them ideal to be installed in any room in your home, including bathrooms. They are manufactured in Germany with a 20mm Koalit clay core within, assisting with heat retention and distribution. Their sleek, modern design allows for them to be both efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Whether you choose the integrated or the wireless thermostat, you have complete control over how you heat your home. You can set an economy and comfort temperature, which the heater will switch between depending on your easy to set heating program.

Additional information


H112cm x W32cm x D7cm

kW rating

0.8kW (800w)


Thermo Rad

Wireless Control?


Manufacturer Warranty

1 year

Power Method

Standard UK Plug. Can also be wired in to switched fuse spur.

Free Standing?



ES1034 / 08B02H1

EPC Rating


RAL Colour



kW Size