Eko Rad – 750w Electric Heater


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 750w Electric Heater
• Lot20 Compliant
Easy to install & operate – requires only a plug socket or fuse spur
 IPX4 rated
 LCD Screen Control Panel
 Electricity Consumption Display
 Presence Sensor
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In stock


Product description

750w Electric Heater with programmable integrated (built-in) thermostat

All Eko Rad heaters are fully controllable. This puts you in complete control of your energy consumption and annual electricity expenditure. Unlike other heating systems, Eko Rad heaters are fully independent, allowing you to adjust the temperature and electricity input / output on different heaters around the home.


– Manufactured in Italy

– 2 year warranty

– Fully controllable and programmable

– Open Window “Security” Function – detects open doors and windows to eliminate wasted energy

The Eko Rad modern electric heater is suitable within any room around your home, including bathrooms and kitchens. It is a fully functioning Dual Therm modern electric heater that warms using convection, radiant heat and an internal heating element. Air flows in through the bottom of the heater, where it comes into contact with the internal heating element. The air then warms and is dispersed from the top of the heater.

The Eko Rad modern electric heater comes with an integrated control system. Utilising a presence sensor, window security function, comfort / economy setting plus having a consumption display, the LCD control system ensures your Eko Rad heater warms any room to a comfortable temperature.



Additional information


H50.4cm x W67.5cm x D12cm

kW rating

0.75kW (750w)


Eko Rad

Wireless Control?

No, integrated.


2 years

Power Method

Standard UK Plug. Can also be wired in to switched fuse spur.

Free Standing?




EPC Rating


RAL Colour



kW Size