Why YOU should choose a wireless thermostat

As well as being more convenient for the end user, wireless thermostats provide a much more accurate heating experience.

With an integrated thermostat system, the temperature sensor is usually at the bottom of the heater – the area of the room which tends to be the warmest. If you want complete control, wireless is the way forward.

With a wireless thermostat system, the temperature sensor is within the thermostat itself, meaning you can position it wherever you want to. By doing so, you give the heater a much more accurate reading of your room temperature, allowing you to evenly and effectively heat your home.

Many of our heating products come as standard with a FREE wireless thermostat, such as the Novo Rad range.

Some of our other ranges come with an integrated thermostat as standard, but give you the option of adding the wireless thermostat at a later date or just as an added extra, like the Eko Flow and Eko Heat ranges.

Whichever product you go for will make your life easier and give you more controlability than a night storage heater, but going wireless gives you that little bit of added comfort everyone desires.